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Welcome to Newwave Communications - we specialise in integrating the Internet and its benefits into a client's corporate network and their business processes.
Our solutions use open source servers which run services such as email, virtual private networks and security for all users on the company network.




August 2007 - Newwave currently has a nationwide installation base of over 200 load-balanced Titian Security Servers.
These servers are all managed, monitored and maintained remotely, using Newwave's EITS (Eye In The Sky) web-based administration service.

Email and Internet services have become business critical operations. The stability of the open source backend server software is proving to be the solution of choice to the large and medium sized organisation over the current commercial software-offerings, this is based on the remote support capabilities that allows for greater remote manageability and reliability.
Newwave Communications understands the underlying technologies and is permanently maintaining this “glass pipeline”, from the Internet connectivity to the servers on site, as well as to the remote users wishing to use the same network.
Newwave will analyse the client's needs and propose a technology solution that suits the client's current requirement, budget and future growth.
Newwave Communications Products and Services Company Info Customer Care Contact Us
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